ITechLaw 2018 Asia Pacific Conference - Trending topics

Elinor Cotait and Ana Claudia Beppu, coming back from Hong Kong, highlight the trending topics discussed at ITechLaw 2018 International Asia-Pacific Conference, which congregated associates from all over the world to, on the verge of the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution, foresee possible impacts on people’s life and consequences to the law practice:

1. AI: machine learning and ethics; the effects on employability (creation of new jobs or unemployment?); applications for health; the e-health era.

2. Changes in the "social contract": the eventual replacement of the traditional social contract by a “digital social contract”; migration of fundamental aspects of human coexistence to digital platforms; products and services focus on a data-driven society; challenges related to privacy, cryptography, new economy and crypto currency. Blockchain is an ally of cyber security and able to mitigate cyber-attacks consequences; regulatory compliance in digital innovation as a mandatory mindset, consolidating a “reg tech” oriented law practice.

3. Content: is it still “The King”? To answer that question may not loose relevance when the very perception about what content is becomes so fluid; what defines a content as it may vary from person to person as well as content value in the current stage of the internet?; a new environment to be considered in content production, valuation and demand; freedom of speech, privacy, anonymity vs. fake news and piracy.