Mundie e Advogados offers highly specialized advisement in regulatory and competition law matters, representing clients before the regulatory agencies, the antitrust entities and the rest of the administrative bodies.

Our experienced team retraces the origins of the firm, which was primarily focused on assisting clients during the privatization of the telecommunication sector.

The practice in administrative law and the experience in dealing with the Public Administration have allowed the firm to expand its services to other regulated markets that somehow depended on the acts and authorizations granted by the administrative authorities.

The antitrust division aggregation was a natural consequence of this growth process, since several of the issues that were addressed within the regulated sectors also reverberated in the competition area. Hence, the team has prepared itself to offer quality services in consultancy and in representing the clients in merger control cases and anticompetitive investigations (cartel and unilateral conducts).

The combination of the administrative, regulation and competition law practices enables the firm to interact with the other areas, such as corporate, litigation, labor and tax, in order to advise our clients in any business or projects that involve the Public Administration.

  • Administrative Improbity Investigations
  • Legislative Work Follow Up
  • Public Utilities
  • Concessions
  • Administrative Contracts
  • Expropriation
  • Electoral Law
  • Public Biddings
  • Public Works
  • Public Biddings, PPPs and Administrative Contracts
  • Budget Oversight Courts
  • Anti-corruption
  • Aviation
  • Genetic Heritage Access
  • Media, Communication, Content and Entertainment
  • Energy
  • Internet & Technology
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Health Insurance
  • Sanitation
  • Telecommunication
  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Transportation
  • Infrastructure Use and Sharing
  • Sanitary Vigilance
  • Unilateral Conducts Investigations
  • Trade & Antidumping
  • Cartel Investigations
  • Antitrust